Current Drought Conditions

reservoir boat loading dock with line on the damn walls showing how high the water should be

Drought Is Here. Save Water.

As a region we are experiencing a second consecutive dry year, and rainfall and water storage are well below average for this time of year. Sonoma Water and its partners in the Sonoma Marin Saving Water Partnership encourage all of our 600,000 drinking water customers to continue to save water.

For perspective, if the boat launch image showed water up to to the indicated water line, which represents the normal water height after a rainy season, all the cars parked in this image would be submerged.

The 2020-2021 water years are equivalent to the driest on record for our area, which occurred in 1976-1977. We need everyone to take steps to reduce water use now to extend the current low water supply levels. The beginning and end of dry periods are unpredictable, so taking steps now to save water is the responsible approach to ensure water is available for what may be a longer drought. We have been here before, and we know our community is up to the challenge to save water with us.

Driest Year Since 1976

What does the worst drought in modern history look like? Well, all the brown areas in the images below should be submerged in water collected during the rainy season. However, with historically low rainfall, comes historically low water supply.

Water Level Data

These charts show the changes in our stored water compared to the capacity available. They are updated on a regular basis.

Charts showing the 40% deficit in stored water

Drought Tips and Best Practices

drought is here save water